***this is a glimpse of a work in progress***

render IRL

i came up with a fun personal project to meld a little bit of pre-rendered imagery with my photography. i'll be using the insta360 camera to capture environment lighting while taking the source photos with my canon 5K Mkiii  for the backing plates. the resulting rendered images will be colorful & playful...with physically correct lighting! :) 



how do i seamlessly blend my photography workflow with a pre-rendered image?


molecular gastronomy. breaking something down into its essential parts and rebuilding. with this project I want to let the unexpected happen. photography is never perfect. by breaking an image down into its essential parts, and by allowing parts of the render to blow out, be out of focus, and welcoming unexpected anomalies, I hope to create extremely believable concept product renders.


Environment Capture

Source Photography

Look Development

the interactive model below is a work in progress.

test renders modeled in maya, rendered in arnold